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Copper Kitchen Happy Hour

Copper Kitchen Happy Hour Meat & Cheese Board

Copper Kitchen Happy Hour

Copper Kitchen has been a staple restaurant for our family since Jude was a newborn. And then, last Sunday, they introduced their Copper Kitchen Happy Hour. It’s available every Sunday-Thursday from 5-6 pm. A ridiculous amount of their menu is 50% off for that one hour. Everything in their snack section is included along with a handful of items from their appetizers, pastas, entrees, and sides. We are already loving that it is encouraging us to try items outside our tried and true favorites.

Copper Kitchen Happy Hour Front Door Mom & Jude

Just for kids

Copper Kitchen just introduced a kid’s menu. It includes 3 pasta options, grilled cheese with salad or fries, their CK Burger (same price as their full menu), and a polenta bowl. They also have a rather lengthy section of kids drinks. With the Copper Kitchen Happy Hour deals, we ended up ordering Jude’s “entree” off of the regular menu.

Copper Kitchen Happy Hour Menus -- specials, kids, regular, drinks

What we order

CK Burger: Speaking of tried and true favorites, this menu item is one that is not included on the Copper Kitchen happy hour, but is a MUST (The burger was just added to the Copper Kitchen Happy Hour menu for $10…score!). This is seriously the best burger I’ve ever had and the accompanying parmesan fries…muah! It’s hard to describe just how delicious this burger is. Jude loves it too!

Copper Kitchen Happy Hour CK Burger

Beet and Avocado Salad: Back before Copper Kitchen had introduced a kids menu, they had even made a half-sized portion of this salad for Jude.

Copper Kitchen Happy Hour Beet and Avocado Salad

The beets, avocados, ricotta, pistachios, and shallot vinaigrette are particularly refreshing when the weather warms up.

Valentine's Day Beet & Avocado Salad

I love making my own rendition of this salad at home!

Copper Kitchen Happy Hour Bibb Salad

Bibb Salad: So, I hadn’t tried this salad until it was introduced to the happy hour menu. I have been missing out. This salad puts other salads to shame. The flavors just punch you in the mouth! Jude enjoyed this salad even more than I would have guessed. He loved the tomatos, avocado, capers, and hardboiled eggs.

Copper Kitchen Happy Hour Mac & cheese, Olives

Baked Mac & Cheese: With this listed under the “Sides” portion of the menu, I was surprisingly delighted by the large portion size of this. And at $3.50 during the Copper Kitchen Happy Hour, it’s a steal of an ooey gooey yummy deal. Oh, the bacon and caramelized onions!

Copper Kitchen Cauliflower Bravas

Cauliflower Bravas: So, this one is not on the Happy Hour Menu, but it is too good to not mention here. Copper Kitchen’s sister restaurany, Copper Onion, serves potatoes bravas that have long been a family favorite. When we saw the cauliflower version on the CK menu, we thought it might be a good 2nd best substitute. We were wrong! We actually like them even more than their potato counterpart. Crazy, right?

Copper Kitchen Happy Hour Baked Brown Cake

Brown Sugar Cake: We don’t get dessert at Copper Kitchen often, but when we do, we get the brown sugar cake. The best way I can think to describe it is a foodie version of a pineapple upside down cake. And, coming from someone who doesn’t like fruit, this dessert is a knockout.

Worth Noting

  • Come summertime, we cannot resist Copper Kitchen’s patio. And on some Friday and Saturday nights, neighboring Caputo’s restaurant will have some live Jazz music that is the perfect volume for the CK patio seating.
  • One of the washrooms contains a diaper changing station.
  • Copper Kitchen is one of our top 3 favorite brunch spots. Spoiler: the kid-sized pancakes are perfection. Watch for a blog post on this coming soon!
  • Not only do you get some awesome deals during Happy Hour, I’ve found that when you dine early there are even more families in a restaurant. Copper Kitchen is no exception!

What should we try on our next Copper Kitchen visit?

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  1. Copper Kitchen is our go-to spot when we want good food and ambiance. Dining on the patio is ideal. Although it is hard not to go for our favorites — the ck burger and beet salad — you can’t go wrong with any of their specials. Our first excursion to the Holladay spot introduced us to a dinner-size version of their grilled octopus. Simply scrumptious. Can’t wait for it to be a special again. But what really brought back memories was a special that reminded me of my mom’s Sunday side staple: corn fritters. The CK version was a spicier version with a spicy aioli sauce.

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