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Baby Steps: Eating with a Newborn

Eating with a Newborn Patio Wine Cheers

It was no secret to everyone how much I loved food, so I heard a lot of great input about eating with a newborn while I was pregnant. Some said our days of eating out were over. Challenge accepted 😉 The foodie experience is something I was determined to figure out. And, I was determined to make it a family experience. Cheers to that!

While there were a few skeptics, everyone offered encouragement. Something wonderful I heard over and over again was that eating out in baby’s first few months would be the easiest even though it would NOT feel like it at the time. Looking back, I absolutely agree. When your little one is sleeping 16+ hours a day, you can time their sleeping and eating to a dining out schedule. Here are some of our eating with a newborn highlights and tips/tricks:

Grab-and-go snacks

This tip is all thanks to our amazingly smart neighbors who knew just the perfect post-baby gift to bring over — a giant Trader Joe’s reusable bag filled with all the goodies new parents need. It had so much stuff like fresh fruit (how I love TJ peaches!), hummus and pita chips, partially popped popcorn (no longer sold), and other treats. As a new parent with an adorable tiny human to focus on, it’s crazy how easy it is to forget to eat or to feel like other things are more important. If you are breastfeeding or pumping, you definitely need to keep the caloric intake up, and even if you are not, you need the energy!

Eating with a Newborn Trader Joes Snacks of Fruit, Cheese, Hummus, and Pita Chips, and more

Freezer Meals: Quick eating with a newborn

Hand-in-hand with snacks, you’ll need some meals. I pre-made some dishes so we could enjoy some nice food while I was still recovering and learning the ropes of being a new mom. The freezer meals included buffalo chicken enchiladas, italian beef, chicken tortilla soup, a tamale bake, and breakfast burritos. I had no idea how much I was going to love that I did all that prep. These were a lifesaver! If I had filled my entire freezer with meals, it wouldn’t have been too many. Haha! While I didn’t take photos of the meals I made for myself, these are 2 freezer meals I made for my sis when she was pregnant.

Getting Ready for Newborn Freezer Meals Buffale Chicken Enchiladas and Mac & Cheese

Summer Barbecues & Backyard Get-togethers

When Jude was a month old, we ventured into the world of outdoor gatherings. The first included this amazing taco bar! If you feel up to it and the parties align, do it sooner!

Eating with a Newborn Patio Taco Bar

We made it a little easier on ourselves and had a few small gatherings in our backyard. I had planted a small garden at 9 months pregnant and took advantage of that with this delish caprese salad! And, look at my cutest sous chef!

Backyard Gathering with Newborn Caprese Salad and Baby in Dockatot

Backyard Gathering with Newborn Caprese Salad with Garden Heirloom Tomatos and Basil

And, you don’t even need to have guests over. We loved dining in our backyard as a family. Here, we picked up some quick Cafe Rio! Don’t miss Jude, who is hiding behind the table in his bouncer.

Eating with a Newborn Backyard Cafe Rio

We also loved picnicking at parks. Murray and Sugarhouse both have some to-go eating options nearby, which we love for the convenience.

Patio Dining

We love patio dining and found it a perfect way to enter the world of dining with a newborn. There are so many great Utah restaurant patios. We loved slipping a carseat cover on to help protect from the sun.

Eating with a Newborn Spitz Sugarhouse Patio

Before Jude hit 3 months old, we visited Spitz, Lonestar Taqueria, Avenues Proper (photos below), and Blue Iguana. Individual reviews coming soon! 

Eating with a Newborn Avenues Proper Patio Salad

Eating with a Newborn Avenues Proper Patio Appetizer Tacos

Eating with a Newborn Avenues Proper Patio Burger

Quick Outings

If you aren’t quite sure you are ready for full-on dining, some smaller outings could be in order. We love grabbing snow cones from Hokulia Shave Ice. Another great option that we hadn’t tried until recently is Normal Ice Cream. It’s an ice cream truck that is currently located inside Trolley Square. How can you say no to this?

Game Time!

On the opposite end of a quick outing, we went for a much more formal restaurant. We celebrated a birthday at Stanza, what I would consider a more challenging restaurant for eating with a newborn. I knew we would be there for quite some time between drinks, appetizers, entrees, and dessert. 

Eating with a Newborn Stanza Agnolotti Al Piselli Pasta Dish

Eating with a Newborn Stanza Dessert

We tried to keep a fairly standard eating schedule for Jude. We timed, the best we could, for Jude to eat and have a diaper change right before walking into dinner, so he could go straight into his next nap. Go in with a game plan — bring extra milk, a carseat cover, and a flexible mindset 😉

I’d say the biggest tip for eating with a newborn is to just get out and try it. And, if you run into any issues, you can always get your food to go! Don’t expect perfection and find what works best for your family.

What other tips do you have for eating with a newborn?

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