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Feldman’s Deli: What a Sandwich Ought to Be

Feldman's Deli Sloppy Joe "Baby" Bite

Feldman’s Deli Sloppy Joe Sandwich

Every March, we are inexplicably drawn to Feldman’s Deli. Okay, we know exactly why we are drawn there. When St. Patrick’s Day is on the horizon and the temptation of corned beef is in the air, we NEED the Feldman’s Deli Sloppy Joe Sandwich. Corned beef, pastrami, coleslaw, and thousand island on rye bread. It is everything a sandwich ought to be! And, the place is always buzzing with energy. You feel like you’ve walked into the corner deli of the most authentic NYC (or should I say, New Jersey?) sandwich shop and it’s all here in Salt Lake City.

What we order

Feldman's Deli Potato Pancakes with Applesauce

  • Potato Pancakes: we love this as a starter. It’s so easy for toddler hands to pick up. You can choose either apple sauce or sour cream for dipping and Jude adored the apple sauce. While we recommend getting the Potato Pancakes, Mike Feldman, amazingly helpful owner (seriously, what a great guy!), mentioned the option of an applesauce side sans the potato pancakes. If you have a hungry little one that may struggle to wait for the main event, it could be a perfect option.

Feldman's Deli Cubano

  • Their Specials: This time, Jared ordered the Cubano. With ham, pork, pickles, mayo, and mustard on a baguette, he said it rivaled the Sloppy Joe which is quite the praise!

Feldman's Deli Sloppy Joe, Cubano, Potato Pancakes, and Beer Table Shot

  • And, of course, the Feldman’s Deli Sloppy Joe Sandwich. This is a must! You’ll either leave with leftovers or a really happy belly as it really is a mountain of food. A really mouthwatering mountain of food!

Worth Noting

  • This place can get busy quickly. We love to get their right at 5:30 for dinner
  • Restrooms for the complex are shared and include no diaper changing stations

What should we try the next time we are at Feldman’s?

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