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Sunday Yumday: Taqueria 27 Buffalo Chicken Tacos

Taqueria 27 Buffalo Chicken Tacos Sunday Special

Move over Taco Tuesday, we have another new favorite taco day. Taqueria 27 Buffalo Chicken Tacos every Sunday! If you love Buffalo Chicken anything, these tacos are a must.

This special makes it hard for us to visit on any day except Sunday. They are a little too spicy for Jude, so we do make sure the other items we order work well.

What we order with the Taqueria 27 Buffalo Chicken Tacos

Guacamole: We start off with guacamole. The Roasted is a personal fave with chiles, caramelized garlic, and balsamic.

Taqueria 27 Guacamole of the Day with gorgonzola, blueberries, roasted chiles

It’s just a slight twist from a traditional guacamole, so great for the kiddos too. Taqueria 27 also has a guacamole of the day that we like to try on occasion. They post their daily specials on Instagram. There are multiple locations and the specials vary, so be sure to look closely! We love this appetizer regardless of whether you are dining with kids. But, for family dining, it’s a great way to get food out quickly and can be really fun for the dipping aspect.

If you are like us, you may have quite a few leftover tortilla chips (we love a high guac to chip ratio!). Ask for some of their housemade hot sauces to dip your remaining chips in. If you ordered any tacos besides the Taqueria 27 Buffalo Chicken Tacos, this can also be a great test drive for which sauces you’ll like best atop your tacos. The habanero is our go-to, but be warned that it is SPICY!

Drinks: Do yourself a favor and order a T27 margarita. 

Taqueria 27 T27 Margarita with Blood Orange and Agave

The description reads Lunazul Blanco, triple sec, lime, blood orange and agave nectar with salt on the rocks. You’re welcome 😉

Salad: Simple, but delish is the Butter Leaf Lettuce Salad (photo below). The small is plenty big, especially with an entree and guac. This comes with the butter leaf lettuce, toasted pumpkin seeds, pears, and a gorgonzola dressing. I usually scoop out a good amount of the pears for Jude to snack on.

Other Menu Suggestions

Mole Plate: If you are wanting to try something besides the Taqueria 27 tacos, my top suggestions would be a mole plate.

Taqueria 27 Angus Beef Mole Plate with side Butter Leaf Lettuce Salad

All 3 mole options are great and you can choose either chicken, beef, pork, portobello mushroom, or the fish of the day. These come with 2 sides (or a salad) and your choice of corn or flour tortillas. Go for flour!

Mexican Style Cobb Salad: This is your ultimate mexican salad. You can get this in a small or large size. The large size truly lives up to its size. If you like Gorgonzola, I’d definitely get the Green Chile Gorgonzola salad dressing. There are other salad dressing options if that isn’t your thing.

For the Kids

Kid’s Tacos: Because we love ordering the Taqueria 27 Buffalo Chicken Tacos for the adults, we’ve explored the menu for best options to fill up the bottomless pit Jude. The winner for our family is ordering the Kid’s Chicken Tacos.

Taqueria 27 Kids Menu Chicken Tacos

For kids, they also have beef tacos, a bean and cheese tortilla wrap, or a cheese quesadilla. All meals come with chips and a (large) drink. The tacos come with 2 regular sized tacos.

Taqueria 27 Buffale Chicken Tacos (Small & Large), Kid's Chicken Tacos, and hot sauces

Jude LOVED the tacos so much that by the time I took the food overhead shot, you can see that all of the cheese and chicken were already devoured from one of his tacos! These kids meals are a great serving size. Jude polished off the entire plate minus the chips.

Worth Noting

  • I have yet to see a location that includes any diaper changing stations in the restrooms, so keep that in mind.
  • Some locations will automatically put a lid on their large cups (the Fashion Place location is great with this), though we prefer pouring Jude’s drink into his sippy cup. At Jude’s age, the large cups with lid and straw still leak enough that they aren’t the ideal option. 
  • You probably already gathered that they are open on Sundays. Yay! And not only are they open on Sundays, but their taco of the day EVERY Sunday is the Taqueria 27 Buffalo Chicken Tacos.
  • You can order online for takeout!
  • Frequent Diner Program: Provide your name, phone number and email to receive 5% credit back on all purchases
  • Patio Dining: We haven’t visited all their locations, but so far, each one has had some small patio seating.

Taqueria 27 Patio Seating

What’s your favorite item at T27?

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  1. The buffalo tacos by far are my go-to dish. But now that the T27 margarita is on my radar, it will make a great addition. Any drink with blood orange is a must.

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