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Say Cheese (and more cheese): The Pie Pizzeria

The Pie Pizzeria Wise Guy and Stromboli Pizza

The Pie Pizzeria is seriously about all the cheese, am I right? That’s just the way a pizza should be.

What we order

The Pie Pizzeria Cheese Pullaparts

  • Cheese Pull-a-parts: a step up, way up, from your average cheese bread. This appetizer is great for larger groups. And, it also reheats great in a toaster oven if you have leftovers. It looks like Jude was motioning, “Hands off! They are all mine!”
  • Slice of the day: available on weekdays. This is such an awesome deal if you are looking for lunch eats on a weekday. You can get a large slice and even add a side salad (about $3 and $5.50 respectively). You can choose from cheese (of course), pepperoni, tomato, or the slice of the day. The slice of the day changes daily and is my personal fave. The Buffalo Chicken Ranch and the Pesto Chicken are my usuals, but there are so many great ones. I recently discovered that The Pie Pizzeria posts a monthly pizza of the day menu. Brilliant!
  • Zappis: this is The Pie Pizzeria’s fancy name for their calzones. The zappis take a bit longer to cook, so expect 25-30 minutes wait or call ahead to get them going. The Wise Guy Zappi with chicken is a-mazing! It’s enough to feed 2 people or is great for leftovers. Jude loves the chicken, cheese, artichokes, tomatos, and pizza crust (but not the basil, hah!…more for mom and dad). The Wise Guy also comes with marinara sauce and Jude loved dipping his pieces in!
  • Specialty Pies: We love so many of these — the Wise Guy, Buffalo Chicken Ranch, Stromboli, and the Xtreme Veggie.

Worth Noting

  • They have gluten free and vegan pizzas that I’ve heard are quite tasty!
  • Locations: Downtown, Ogden, Midvale, and South Jordan. Check them out here.
  • The Midvale and South Jordan areas have enclosed patio dining with heaters in the winter! So, it’s a really nice change of pace during those cabin fever months.
  • I mentioned that the cheese pull-a-parts are great reheated in a toaster oven, but so is any leftover pizza or Zappis. It seriously tastes just like the real deal. If you don’t have a toaster oven, bake for about 5 minutes on 350 degrees. Yum!

The Pie Pizzeria Take Home Wise Guy Pizza

What do you love to order at The Pie Pizzeria?


  1. The pizza of the day is always great. It gets me out of my usual pizza comfort levels and always into a new comfort level. The last one I had there was the BLT. Never would have ordered it before, but now it is one of my favorites. Love the patio any time of the year.

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