Raising a Foodie

And Baby Makes…Trio

Baby Makes Trio Italian Sausage Pizza

Cafe Trio has been one of our go-to’s from newborn to toddler. We love that this Salt Lake City restaurant is a hidden kid-friendly spot — with patio seating, a well-paced meal, and so many perfect food options. Once Jude started on solids and pureed food, I loved that we could order the Trio flatbread with olive tapenade, basil pesto, and chickpea puree. Move over pureed green beans!

Cafe Trio Restaurant hidden kid-friendly spot Flatbread and incoming toddler hand

As he’s gotten older, it’s still such a wonderful starter. The great flavor profiles are accompanied with the flatbread that is so easy for his toddler hands to maneuver. For the last 6+ months, Jude is loving anything he can dip, so it’s got that added benefit!

Plus, it gets food out to the table faster which means a happy kiddo and happy parents 😉

Cafe Trio Restaurant hidden kid-friendly spot Flatbread double fisting

This 2-handed approach pretty much sums up how big of a hit this starter is!

What we order

Cafe Trio Restaurant hidden kid-friendly spot  Cobb Salad with avo

After the Trio flatbread, my #1 pick is the Cobb Salad with avocado added. Trio makes their salad dressings in-house with no added sugars (it’s surprising how hard that is to find). Between a sampling of grilled chicken, boiled egg, tomatoes, Gorgonzola cheese, and avocado, it’s a wonderfully well-rounded meal for Jude before he even has any of dad’s dinner, usually the Carbonara with chicken. So, between the pasta, cheese, veggies, and proteins, it truly is that hidden kid-friendly spot we love to find!

Cafe Trio Restaurant hidden kid-friendly spot Carbonara with Chicken

Some other favorites of ours are the Pomodoro with Meatballs and the Lemon Chicken Salad (no longer on the menu).

Patio Dining

Trio has patio seating at its downtown and Cottonwood location. We’ve yet to frequent the Park City Trio. One of our favorite patios, it is so nicely covered and protected making it feel just the right temperature.

“Just for Kids” at this hidden kid-friendly spot

Aside from highchairs, there isn’t much overt for kids. That aside, the food and the casual atmosphere of the outdoor seating make it an unexpected great spot! Plan on bringing a sippy or having your little one drink from a regular glass.

Making it Easier

Do yourself a favor and call ahead. On Friday and Saturday nights, service can get busy around 7 pm. While it’s generally not a problem, go closer to 5 or plan on a Sunday, if you want to play it safe.