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Avenues Proper ever-changing menu…and the beer sampler

Avenues Proper Sharing Fries with Dad

In honor of Father’s Day, I thought I’d feature one of my hubby’s favorite digs. If we are ever in an eating out rut, I know the mention of Avenues Proper will always win. Their patio is so delightful in the summer and Avenues Proper ever-changing menu is both a love and a hate of mine — I’m forever finding new dishes I luhhuv, only to never see them again. Foodie problems!

Avenues Proper ever-changing menu gnocchi

This beloved gnocchi special falls into that very category. You will indefinitely find a new gnocchi featured on their menu. It will probably be very tasty, but it will not be this one.

Avenues Proper ever-changing menu Rarebit Fries

Their appetizers and small plates should not be skipped over. I’ve even used them to create my entree at time or two. Whether it’s these rarebit frites, tacos, a tostada, or anything else on the Avenues Proper ever-changing menu, ask your server their faves!

Avenues Proper ever-changing menu Beer Samplers

However, one mainstay, and truly the reason my husband loves this place so much are the beer samplers. It’s such a great way to try a handful of beers before settling on the perfect one. I’m not a beer fan, but as you can see below, they have plenty of good libations for moi.

Avenues Proper ever-changing menu Mussels and Chicken & Waffles

And, another huge win for Avenues Proper is that it is right next door to Hatch Family Chocolates. Order the Cookies & Cream Milkshake. Yasss! Coming from someone who is usually pure chocolate malt all the way, this shake is worth diverting from your mainstay ice cream order.

Avenues Proper Neighbor Hatch Family Chocolates Cookies N Cream Shake and Cone

How will you all be celebrating Father’s Day?

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