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Chile Tepin Molcajetes and Family Eats

Chile Tepin Molcajetes & Fixings

Molcajetes will usually be the first word out of anyone’s mouth who frequents Chile Tepin in Salt Lake City, and for good reason. The Chile Tepin Molcajetes combined with the relaxing family atmosphere draw us in every time.

Chile Tepin Molcajetes

If you haven’t had molcajetes before, the name actually comes from the dish this entree is served in — something that looks like a large mortar and pestle.

Similar to the concept of fajitas, the dish comes with an assortment of food. Though, in this case, you are building your own tacos with your choice of corn or flour tortillas. The Chile Tepin Molcajetes come with chicken, carne asada, camaron (shrimp), grilled onion, jalapenos, queso fresco cheese and nopales (cactus) in a tomatillo sauce. The portion size serves 2 and also comes with sides of rice and beans.

What Else We Order

Because we have a foodie family with healthy appetites, we order a side of guacamole in addition to the complimentary chips and salsa.

I’ve noticed the salsa is on the spicier side for most people. We love spicy! And, we love this salsa! The guacamole is a nice mild pairing, either for contrast or those spice-averse 😉 It’s also a quick way to get some food out on the table, which we find makes for a much smoother and enjoyable dining experience. It isn’t so filling that he isn’t hungry for the main event.

Chile Tepin Molcajetes, but first Guacamole

Be sure to order yourself a margarita to accompany the salsa and guacamole, though we’d skip the flavored options!

Chile Tepin Chips & Margaritas

Beyond the Chile Tepin Molcajetes

While the Molcajetes are our favorite, they do require a little more work and attention than a plated meal. It may seem silly to mention, but this may change your entrée choice depending on how much you will also be assisting your little one. If you want to go a little simpler, their combo plates are a great way to go. We love the tostada and enchilada.

Chile Tepin Combo Plate with Tostada and Enchilada

Just for Kids

One of my favorite aspects about this restaurant in just how kid-friendly it is.

  • The majority of their high chairs are the smaller, comfier ones.
  • They have nice plastic kids cups
  • Awesome kid-sized meals. We go back and forth between ordering these and just doing guacamole and sharing our meals

Parking is free in the Crane building lot. While the spots almost all say reserved, they are fair game.

We’d love to hear your favorites at Chile Tepin!

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