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Cinco de Mayo week in Utah…aka, we love Mexican food

Cinco de Mayo week in Utah Angelicas Tacos and Molita in St George

Taco Tuesday? More like Taco Any-day. We have the same thought when it comes to Cinco de Mayo. We turn it into a Cinco de Mayo week in Utah.  Our mantra is that it should be a week of celebrating because there is just so much good Mexican food to go around.

The Cinco de Mayo Week in Utah Tour

Lonestar Taqueria

Fish tacos, nachos, carne asada salad, iced tea, patio, and drive through! ALL the good things!

First, check the board when you get there to see what fish they are serving at the moment. Time and time again, I hear people say they don’t like fish tacos, but they love Lonestar Taqueria fish tacos.

Cinco de Mayo week in Utah Lonestar Taqueria Fish Taco

We happen to love fish tacos. And, these ones are not to be missed.

While you may hear accolades for the fish tacos here, the nachos may be the hidden gem of the menu.

Cinco de Mayo week in Utah Lonestar Taqueria Nachos

These are my favorite nachos in Utah to date. You can order them in full or half-size. Be warned that the full size is a lot of food, but so tasty that you can polish them off. This is one dish I would not recommend sharing with your little one until they are a bit older. Jude will eat some mildly spicy food, but the jalapenos on these nachos are SPICY even for mom and dad….and we love heat. We’ll save the details about how we know this all too well for a dining bloopers post. Yep! Oops!

If you aren’t feeling the tacos or salad… Wait, is that even possible? Well, maybe you just want to try something new here.

Cinco de Mayo week in Utah Lonestar Taqueria Fish Salad

The salad with fish or carne asada is really tasty. The addition of tortilla chips adds a nice oomph and we love topping it with a few scoops of pico de gallo from their salsa bar. It comes with the same jalapeno mayo dressing as the fish tacos.

My favorite iced tea in Salt Lake is right here at Lonestar Taqueria. They add fresh-squeezed limes and oranges into their iced tea pitcher. Whether you are normally an iced tea fan or not, this is the place to order it.

Some other quick tips for a stop here:

  • They keep their high chairs in the back, so you will need to ask for one.
  • Park at a nearby business because the lot adjoining the restaurant is a madhouse.
  • They have a drive-through! It can be a long wait if you go at peak hours. But, not having to get your kids in and out of a car seat yet again can be a huge plus.
  • Nab a spot on the patio in nice weather
  • The guacamole here is spicier than most. YMMV with your kiddos.

Chile Tepin

Chile Tepin Chips & Margaritas

Another casual Mexican spot we love. The restaurant gets noisy rather quick, which we kind of love for family dining. Seems kind of weird to say! We’ll keep it short here…check out our complete post here!

Red Iguana

Cinco de Mayo week in Utah Red Iguana

The big brother to The Taste of Red Iguana in City Creek Mall that we love so much. Red Iguana and Red Iguana 2 have a much larger menu offering. In addition to our favorites from the Taste of Red Iguana, we also really like the Puntas De Filete A La Nortena.

If it’s your first visit, be sure to mention that you would love to sample all the moles to get a feel for your favorites.


Cinco de Mayo week in Utah Oteo Tacos

A Utah County gem, Oteo is tucked into a strip mall. This small restaurant can be on the pricier side and oh-so-worth it. Our first few visits, I asked for the chef’s choice on our entire meal and loved everything we tried.

Taqueria 27

Taqueria 27 Buffalo Chicken Tacos Sunday Special

You may have seen our recent love fest for the Buffalo Chicken Tacos. Grab yourself a margarita and do not skip the Roasted Guacamole!

Frida Bistro

This is one of those underrated restaurants that delivers every time! The Camarones Diego cannot be missed — shrimp in a chipotle cream sauce. Mmmm!

Are there any other restaurant musts that we need to add to our Cinco de Mayo Week in Utah list? We can always extend it to a month if needed 😉


  1. Love the Special and Mexican plates @elfarolutah. Great options if you don’t fill up on chips and salsa. Taco Tuesday is another good option.

  2. #lahaciendamoab is my go to for seafood enchiladas. Their strawberry margarita is the perfect complement. And don’t forget #blueiguana in Salt Lake City.

    1. Moab does have several good options such as #lahaciendamoab for tacos and beef enchiladas and the best blood orange margaritas. #desertbistro in Moab has a wonderful variety of options. Many have a Mexican flare with moles and chipotles. Can’t go wrong with any of the specials.

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