Raising a Foodie

Maddox family tradition in Brigham City, Utah

Sometimes it isn’t until you reflect, that you realize just how an individual influenced your life. My love for food has roots from my grandparents who were always at the forefront of family parties with incredible homemade meals and made-from-scratch desserts. So, on what would have been my grandma’s 83rd birthday, it is only fitting to feature her favorite birthday restaurant. Each year for my grandma’s birthday, the entire extended family would travel to Brigham City to celebrate her special day at Maddox! I loved this Maddox family tradition and try to visit each year as close to August to continue celebrating. While August is a great time to venture up to Maddox, we recommend it all year long. Of course, you can go across the street at the end of August and take home some of the sweetest Farmer’s Market peaches, so you may want to make our Maddox family tradition yours 😉

What we order

Before we jump into the must eats, these piping hot homemade rolls and cornpones (nestled underneath) show up to your table almost immediately. I could seriously eat the entire bowl of rolls. My family obviously feels the same way because this basket is always replenished at least once during our visit.

While you are inhaling these rolls, take a quick glance at the menu and order the Famous Fried Chicken Dinner. And, get ready for a few more rolls to come out with your dinner too! Of course, if you are there during lunch hours, go for the Chicken Basket.

Now, we have a kiddo of our own to take up to Maddox and continue the Maddox family tradition. So, we get to take advantage of the amazing kid’s menu.

The fried chicken legs are a mini version of our famous fried chicken. And, it so cutely comes on a frisbee! I sure wish I could order a kid’s meal for myself.

Happy birthday, grandma Kathy! And, I hope you all can enjoy an amazing meal at Maddox or take one home from their drive through. Leave a comment on your favorites at Maddox!


  1. Chicken in a basket is a must have although my hubby swears by their steaks. And, don’t forget to add the extra shrimp to their seafood cocktail.

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