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R&R BBQ: I’m here for the tacos

R&R, with 4 locations (downtown, Sandy, Lehi, and Farmington), is a fave casual spot. Get here earlier than 6 p.m. to avoid a line that easily becomes 30 minutes long. It’s still very much worth a long wait, but can be more challenging with a hungry babe. We generally have one parent stand in line to order while the other grabs a table and hangs out with Jude.

What we order

R&R Brisket Tacos

The R&R brisket tacos! If you come here on a Tuesday, they have an $8.50 special deal on their tacos, but they are oh-so-worth-it even at full price ($9.99). The brisket is exceptional and I’ve found that they use leaner shredded brisket in their tacos.

You’ll want to get a side with your tacos as they are on the lighter side. I prefer the mac and cheese as does my hubby. I used to order the mashed potatoes, but the recipe must have changed some time back. 

R&R BBQ Brisket Tacos & Kids Meal

This is another spot where we generally order the kid’s plate for Jude ($5.99) and it comes with your bbq protein of choice, small side, hush puppies, and a small drink.

R&R Brisket Tacos Add a Side of Fried Pickles

Jared loves that they have beer on tap and we also love to order their fried pickles on occasion! While they would make a really great starter, they sometimes come out after the rest of the food.

To Go

You can also order your food to go. Those R&R brisket tacos any time! Definitely call ahead on this one so you can pick it up and go.

What are your favorites at R&R?

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