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Taco TWOsday Fiesta Birthday

Taco TWOsday Fiesta Birthday Banner

Last weekend, we celebrated Jude turning 2 with a Taco TWOsday fiesta birthday. Because Jude loves to say taco (tah-toe) and salsa, the theme was meant to be.

Every good theme must have a shirt (or, are we just making up excuses for foodie shirts?). Thus, Eat Tacos and Be Kind made a Taco Twosday fiesta birthday appearance! With that cute, cheesy grin, how could one not be kind?

Taco TWOsday Fiesta Birthday Eat Tacos Shirt

The birthday spread consisted of a taco bar, sides, chips and salsa, and guacamole. The sides consisted of Cilantro Lime Rice, Mexican Corn Dip, and slowcooker black beans. The black beans I just made up on the spot and added 6 cans of Trader Joes black beans, TJ freezer garlic, some minced jalapeno and onions, tiny bit of chipotle in adobo sauce, lime, and salt. Then, I did a quick mash — wanting to leave some of the beans whole. Seriously, they were all so good and these sides were uber fast.

Taco TWOsday Fiesta Birthday Sides

Next up is the taco bar itself. While practically the entire birthday spread was homemade, I knew I was going to simplify on the tortillas, so I bought 60 rico brand corn tortillas. I guess they were a hit, because we didn’t have a single one left over for our party of 20.

I made 2 different types of meat — Instant Pot Chicken from the Well Plated blog and the Lonestar Taqueria fish using the recipe from A Bountiful Kitchen blog (not to mention, the jalapeno mayo too!).

Taco TWOsday Fiesta Birthday Fish Tacos

Here is the ever-so-cute kid’s plate version…

Taco TWOsday Fiesta Birthday Jude Plate

And, no self-respecting taco bar would come without a plethora of pinatas toppings. We included shredded cabbage, cotija cheese, cilantro, tomatos, lime wedges, sour cream, shallots, jalapenos, pico de gallo, guacamole, and the jalapeno mayo mentioned above.

Taco TWOsday Fiesta Birthday Taco Toppings

Would it be a Taco Twosday Fiesta Birthday without a cake? We think not! A churro cake was in order. We used a Cake by Courtney recipe for the cake and frosting and it tasted like a coffee cake in birthday cake form. Oh yummmm! Instead of her signature drip cake, we decided to use a festive number two cake mold for funsies.

Taco TWOsday Fiesta Birthday Churro Number 2 Cake

The frosting was really fast to pipe on the top and added some quick accents of strawberries, blueberries, mangos, lime slices, and Smashmallow Churro marshmallows.

Now, we are just looking for an excuse for another fiesta celebration!

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